A Closer Look at Different Types of Inconel Flanges

A Closer Look at Different Types of Inconel Flanges

A Closer Look at Different Types of Inconel Flanges

Inconel Flanges is increasingly being used for a variety of applications due to their increasing strength at higher temperatures and excellent corrosion resistance ability. Also, since these types flanges can be successfully worked at higher temperatures, it is also used at cryogenic applications and temperatures that can reach almost 2000 F. Inconel Flanges provides good oxidation resistance against corrosive environments and they also exhibit good carburization. This alloy is increasingly being used in heat treatment industries and provides resistance to hydrochloric acid and chlorine even in medium-ranged temperatures.

Availability of Wide Variety of Inconel Flanges:

Inconel Slip on Flanges is a circular part that is slipped in from one end of the pipe and it is welded to it. They are a good fit for small-sized and high-pressure fluid carrying the pipe.

Inconel Socket Weld Flanges is also a type of a circular device that is attached to the end of one pipe so that, using such a flange, the pipe can be attached easily to the other pipe. Also, with this type of fitting, the pipe can be reconnected and disconnected seamlessly without any hassles.

Inconel Weld Neck Flanges, this type of flanges have a heavy neck that is welded, to result in a small circular section pipe-shaped at the centre, and this pipe also has a co-axial hole. These are mainly used in barrels, columns equipment and a variety of vessel nozzles.

Inconel Blind Flanges are components that are used to shut down one end of the pipe. They are mainly made with the help of carbon steel and are available in a lot of grades and dimensions that can be customized to the industry. They are employed for testing and analyzing the flow of a gas through a vessel.

Inconel lap joint flanges are used for their non – magnetic and chemical resistant nature. In a nutshell, the Inconel flanges are used for most plumbing applications and in higher-end industries that operate at extreme temperatures.

The alloy content in the material gives it the ability to bear the corrosive environments. That is, in severe corrosive environments the presence of nickel and chromium provides the required resistance against those elements that are oxidizing, and nickel and molybdenum work for non – oxidizing elements. These materials are also increasingly used in aerospace, chemical industry, marine and the oil and gas industry.

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