Difference Between A Nut And Bolt

Difference Between A Nut And Bolt

Difference Between A Nut And Bolt

A bolt is threaded cylindrical rod which is used with a nut. It is used to join two pieces together with a nut. It’s a type of fastener. Nut is a type of fastener which has a threaded hole. A nut is a fastener with a hole in it which is used to conjunct a mating bolt to hold together two or more parts. The two parts are kept together by a combination of their threads' friction, a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together. Though they are used together, they do have differences in terms of structure and work. The differences are stated below:

In Terms of Structure:

A nut is a small metal object, shaped as hexagonal so it’s easy to get a grip on it from all sides. It has a hole in its center, a spiral thread running around it. A bolt is a long metallic piece that has a round stem as its body and has a head so you can turn it to screw. The bolt is fastened in the hole of the nut. Bolts are greater in size as compared to nuts.

In Terms Of Force:

A nut experiences a compression force on it and if the force increases then it may break or collapse. The bolts, on the other hand, experiences tensile force upon it and hence collapse due to high tensile stress.

Locking mechanisms:

The nuts are come with different locking mechanism which prevents the loosening due to the vibration of the machine parts or the parts which they joined. The bolts don’t have any such mechanism.

In Terms of Types:  

The various types of nuts are: Hex nut, Nylon insert lock nut, Jam nut, Square nut, Cap nut, T- nut, Castle nut, Wing nut, Flange nut, Slotted nut, Coupling nut etc. The various types of bolts are: Anchor bolt, Flange bolt, Hanger bolt, Hexagon bolt/Tap bolt, Plow bolt, Shoulder bolt, Square head bolt, Stud bolt, Timber bolt, T-head bolt, J-bolt, Eye bolts etc.

In Terms of Threads: The nuts have internal threads in its circle whereas a bolt has external threads to fit into the threads of the nut.

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